Still Use Mods With GTA 5 Online Using Our Exclusive Bypass Tool

Now that publisher take two has sent a cease and desist letter to modding software OpenIV. This has totally destroyed being allowed to use mods while playing GTA 5 online and enraged the Grand Theft Auto 5 gaming community.

Our programmers heard this calling and decided to set about creating a piece of software that you can use to remain undetected while using mods online in GTA V. We are pleased to announce that we have finally complete our exclusive bypass tool.

GTA 5 Online Mod Bypass Tool

How Our Bypass Tool Works With GTA 5 Online

The problem with using mods online that have been made using the OpenIV modding software is the footprints it leaves behind. These footprints can easily be detected by the online security while playing GTA V and so the mods will not work.

What our software does is totally mask the footprints left by the OpenIV modding software, so using a mod while playing online is totally undetectable. Every single one of your mods that you used before the ban, can now be used once again by using our GTA 5 Online Bypass Tool.

No longer will you run into problems when wanting to still use the mods when playing Grand Theft Auto 5 online. We have developed a software that will help you bypass the mod restrictions when playing GTA 5 Online while using your favourite PC gaming rig.

Software benefits

  • Fully compatible with every single mod ever made for Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Completely removes the footprints left by the OpenIV modding software
  • Allows you to use mods freely while playing GTA 5 online and in single player mode
  • Completely undetectable. No traces are left behind so you will not risk being banned.
  • Software and updates are totally free. Fully tested for viruses and malware.


Download GTA 5 Mod Ban Bypass Tool

100 percent secure


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