How To Get First Person Mode In GTA 5 on the PS3

Until now it has been completely impossible to get first person mode on Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PS3. This has been mainly due to the hardware restrictions limiting what Rockstar Games can do on past consoles.

Now I am happy to say after literally thousands of coding and testing hours. We are happy to announce our GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod. There is no other mod out there that is as sophisticated as ours is.


GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod has been a total success

Since the release of version 1.0. Our Grand Theft Auto 5 mod for first person mode on the PS3 console. Is the most widely used first person mod in the Playstation 3 community.

Our mod is always being review and praised on various media’s including Youtube and the many modding forums. The mod we have produced is really first class and will continue to have free support, as long as people use the mod tool.

The real workings behind our GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod

We have had to literally write and rewrite our mod so it works smoothly with GTA 5 on the PS3. It has been thoroughly tested by us beforehand. We also react and make changes taking note of the feedback from our happy mod users.

Due to the many limitations of the Playstation 3 console when playing Grand Theft Auto 5. We have had to add in our very own scripting and graphical content. If we did not do this then there was no chance first person mod would work in GTA 5.

A total redesign and adding of graphical overlays and animation has need to add for each weapon. So everything runs smooth when firing and reloading any weapon you are using. Even explosion animations have needed to be added for the many explosive devices used in game.

Additionally we have had to design our own vehicle interiors. So you will get fully animated speedometers while driving in first person mode. Even aeroplanes, motorcycles and other bikes have been give the graphical lick of paint.


GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod is a huge achievement

We are very proud of how our GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod works. And we wish to thank all the positive feedback we have had since version 1.0 was released. It has been a major achievement for use to reduce the file size of our mod to below 500MB.

Being able to install our mod on your Playstation 3 console with the use of a simple pen drive. Has helped us to give Grand Theft Auto 5 first person mode access to literally thousands of gamers, who still play this game on their PS3.

Anyone who has been wishing for a first person mode in GTA 5 for the Playstation 3. Just like the lucky souls who can afford to own the PS4 or Xbox One version. Then you have nothing to lose by downloading and installing our GTA 5 PS3 FPM mod.

Mod Benefits

  • Easy to install the mod on your Playstation 3 following our detailed installation guide
  • Fully optimised and guaranteed to work on any PS3 running GTA 5
  • First person mode with full graphics and animation for totally immersive game play
  • A user-friendly in game menu so first person mode can be switch on and off easily
  • Updated and improved on a regular basis listening to user feedback
  • Free to download with no extra charges

Download GTA 5 PS3 FPM here

100 percent secure

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